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Career & Life

Career & Life



“Good school, excellent training and a high flying career. From my early to mid-thirties I had reached a point where people told me I should be happy. But I wasn’t happy. Whose life am I living and what is my life about?”

“Am I a bad mother if I decide to go back to my career rather than devoting myself exclusively to my children? Can my family still be happy?”

“Somehow I’m not happy in my job. What do I actually want?”

Are these questions familiar to you? Very often only a few hours of coaching can help you to re-arrange your thoughts and to develop workable solutions that enable you to be more secure in your actions. I offer coaching in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich. If you want to work intensively on yourself, you are very welcome to attend the block coaching in Southern France.


Are you asking yourself questions like these: What is the next step? How does it continue? Which skills and abilities can I continue to develop? What is the right job decision? A short break, supported by a professional coach, to get your thoughts in order, is probably the best thing for you right now.

The block coaching I offer lasts a few days and is held in the South of France. Part of the day is reserved for intensive coaching, where we work together on the issues that concern you. The methods used can vary depending on your personal needs. It is all about developing an adequate solution that helps you to take the next step.

Alongside the coaching, you get the opportunity to enjoy the South of France and simply unwind. I can help you book your accommodation, arrange a table in a restaurant, a massage, a wine degustation or whatever suits you. However, maybe you just want to take a pleasant walk through the vineyards, truly “switch off” and “do nothing”. It has been proven that leaving your daily routine behind and devoting yourself to an in-depth personal exploration can help you find answers to the important questions of life.

I will be happy to organise a 2 – 4 day coaching stay. A block coaching with four nights in a bed and breakfast and four coaching sessions (total 12h) costs 950€.

Make the first step. Everything else will follow.