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Couple Coaching

Couple Coaching

Do you feel that you are growing apart from each other? Are you still on the same page concerning your relationship? In the stress of the day, losing that connection to your partner is something that can happen very easily. Maybe a coach supported time-off can help you find your way back together again.

The couple coaching I am offering you takes place in the region of Luberon, one of the most beautiful places in French Provence. The coaching itself is scheduled for one part of the day. We work on the topics that matter to you as a couple. Examining different perspectives: Where are we now? Have we lost our connection with each other – If so, how did this happen? What are the common goals that we share? What is wonderful about our relationship but where might we lack in communication? How can we find ways to communicate better in future?

The other part of the day is your time to enjoy life and to experience some beautiful moments as a couple. I provide you with refined addresses and I am happy to make bookings for you in good restaurants, tours through the vineyards, food degustations or the like. On the other hand, you might just like to wander around the vineyard and enjoy being together.

I will be happy to organise a 3 – 5 day stay with 2 – 3 hours of coaching per day. Accomodations, in the area, starts from about 60€/night for a bed & breakfast.