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Many of us are familiar with this: We have certain behavior patterns that we know are not good for us. Still, it is hard for us to give them up.

Or we repeatedly experience moments where we stumble over our own feet. For example situations such as exam anxiety or panic in confined spaces. Something in our behavior is programmed in such a way, that these kinds of behavior patterns or fears appear automatically and we feel that we are imprisoned by them.

Then there are certain situations in which we aspire to excellence or where we want to set certain goals that motivate us and help us to be especially successful. These can be challenges like sports events or exams.

Hypnosis is an effective way of dealing with the above circumstances and to develop solutions enabling a positive outlook towards the future. Hypnosis offers the possibility to work with the subconscious of a person and to mobilise its self-healing powers and thereby get to the root of a problem.

How does hypnosis work?

I am working with two different methods of hypnosis.

  • Suggestive hypnosis, which is especially suitable when giving up smoking
  • Dissolving hypnosis is an appropriate way to work on anxieties and feelings

Unlike what most people think, hypnosis is a process in which one is awake. You are able to talk to me during the hypnosis and to respond to my questions. You are not unconscious or in a parallel world. You are active during the complete session and you determine yourself what happens. This is very important as it is all about you. In effect hypnosis just pushes aside the more dominant consciousness in order to work more deeply on the really elementary issues.

The success of the hypnosis depends to a large extent on you. It is therefore important that you bring along a little patience and a lot of healthy self-motivation. In many cases I can help my clients with only a few sessions of hypnosis, however the best results can be achieved when you allow yourself some time for personal development. This lowers the pressure for success and allows for the all-important “let it happen” mentality when undergoing hypnosis.